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Welcome to the Hugglets World of Teddy Bears

Since 1987 Hugglets has been bringing together
teddy bear collectors and businesses through our
specialist information services and events

We enjoyed a great time at Teddies 2017. A big thank-you to all the exhibitors and collectors who joined us for the day!

Hi, it's great to have you visit our website. We hope you'll find what you're looking for and come back often. Here you can find out all about our UK Teddy Bear Guide and Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals.

We welcome your help to ensure this site is the very best we can make it so if you have ideas for improvements please get in touch.

Happy teddy bear hunting!


The 2018 edition of the UK Teddy Bear Guide will be published on 27th October 2017 - please order your copy here.

The Hugglets Winter BearFest is on Sunday 25th February, Kensington Town Hall, London. Over 170 exhibitors from around the world present teddy bear artistry at its best, antique bears and more. Please find all details for the event along with the exhibitor list here.

Thousands of
teddy bears on
sale in London on
25th February

Teddies 2018
takes place on
9th September
The exhibitor list
will be available
in March