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Hugglets 10,000 Bear Makers FAQ

Who can be included?

The Hugglets 10,000 Bears Makers project aims to record the stories of every teddy bear making business in the world, past and present. 10,000 is an estimate of the number - but it may be more! The intention is to provide a resource so that every teddy bear brand you find in your collection will be able to trace its roots on the Hugglets website.

I know someone who made a few bears - should they have an entry?

Where a person has just made a few bears for fun - to give to their friends and family - we wouldn't anticipate creating an entry as it wasn't a commercial operation. An exception would be if their production was so prolific or quality and style so outstanding that the bears are likely to turn up in collections and so are of wider interest.

What sort of information can I contribute?

Pictures and information probably fall into the following five types. You may only know a little information but others will be able to add to it so please tell us whatever you can.


Name the artist or founder and his/her background, country of origin, training/education, when, where and why the business and the bear making started.

General production information

Types of bear, themes, inspiration, any special characteristics or styles, labels and tags, identification marks, unusual techniques, design or technical innovations? Only one-offs? Limited editions? Open editions? Overall quantity of output. Any awards received? Any designs produced for other manufacturers?

General business information

Any landmark events in the life of artist/maker? Notable business developments, branching out into other types of product? Moves to new locations, opening new factory or workshop. Business partners or associates? Media exposure? Special events?

Specific product examples

Pictures and description of items by this Maker. Especially if an award winning piece or a famous or well known edition.

End (if applicable) – The year the business closed and any story surrounding it.

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