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Welcome to the Hugglets 10,000 Bear Makers Project

To celebrate Hugglets' 25th anniversary in 2010 we decided to find out
how many bear makers there have ever been in the world - past and present!

On this page you are able to call up every bear maker in the world, both past and present, currently known to us.

All site visitors can add historical information and photos to the Bear Maker records. To add content you need to register a free site account and login. Then click the 'Main page' button for the maker of your choice and follow the instructions to add a post or comment.

Current number of entries in our Bear Maker knowledgebase: 10678

Please use the alpha index or enter the name of the bear maker or person you are searching for.

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img img img Lampden Bears

img img img Lampshire Originals

img img img Lancewood Bears

img img img Lanctot's Loveables Teddy...

img img img Landgraf, Manuela

img img img Landholzer Teddybren

img img img Lane's Lovable Huggables

img img img Lanes End Bears

img img img Langbein, Ursula

img img img Langdale Bears

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