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Hugglets Online Directory FAQ

How can my business be listed for free?

Simply indicate you are a teddy bear related business when you register on the Hugglets site. You will find a page in your My Account section where you can enter one or more entries for your business. If you already have an account and can't see the page, check your settings in Modify Account to make sure you are showing as a business. Please note that the contact details you enter when you sign up are kept private - you decide what details to put in your directory entries by using the My Directory page. There is no charge for entries.

What facilities do I get if I subscribe?

The Hugglets Online Directory is an important business-to-business tool as well as being an invaluable resource to collectors. You get access to the full contact details of businesses (we expect to have over 3000 actively trading teddy bear businesses listed by the end of 2010), the ability to email them from our site, live links to their website, the ability to locate the businesses that interest you based on their product description, country and business type - even locate an elusive business with only a partial name or address.

What does it cost to subscribe?

To have full access to use of the Hugglets Online Directory and other subscriber benefits costs £3.95 per month and the minimum term is just 1 month. You can cancel at any time. Another major benefit is Earlybird access to items in the marketplace during the first 7 days of listing plus. To sign up please go to subscriptions.

Is the Hugglets Online Directory only for teddy bear businesses?

Although focussed on teddy bears, the directory also includes businesses selling similar products including soft toy animals and soft-sculpture creations, bear-making materials, bear repairers, fair organisers and all teddy bear-related businesses. Doll businesses are generally not included in the directory unless they also have a significant teddy bear section.

What is the difference between the Hugglets Online Directory and the UK Teddy Bear Guide?

The UK Teddy Bear Guide is principally a printed book (although it can also be viewed online or downloaded to your computer). It is different from the Hugglets Online Directory in several other respects - the Guide's main focus is the UK and it also contains display advertisements, lists of events, a photo gallery, telephone directory, complimentary tickets for Hugglets Festivals and various other features. The Hugglets Online Directory on the other hand focusses equally on all countries and aims to provide contact details for every actively trading teddy bear business in the world. It also contains an integrated email system for contacting the businesses.

Can I use a language translation tool in the Online Directory?

Yes, but it's best to always check the address in English because a translation tool might try to translate words in the address incorrectly.

I make bears and sell direct to collectors - am I a retailer?

Retailers usually sell more than one brand of bear via a retail premises, fairs, website etc. Makers are not classified as Retailers in our Directory because even though they might sell direct to the public it is only their own brand.

How should I contact a bear maker in a non-English speaking country?

It's best not to assume every business will be able to communicate in English. If you are not sure then we recommend sending a simple initial email rather than telephoning them. This gives them the opportunity to translate it and get help with their reply if necessary.

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