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Hugglets Festivals FAQ

Most common questions are answered in our article Tips for visitors.

Additional questions and answers will be added here as they arise.

Will I receive a free Festival programme and ticket by post before each event?

Yes - so long as you live in the UK and are in at least one of these two categories:-
1. You have attended one or more Hugglets Festivals in recent years (evidenced by your name and address on the back of the ticket you handed in)
2. You have registered a free account on the Hugglets website in the past 18 months (and more than one week prior to the Festival in question).
Please note that this is limited to one person per household. Additional tickets can be purchased on the door or else there are two free tickets at the back of the latest UK Teddy Bear Guide.

Thousands of
teddy bears on
sale in London on
10th September 2017

This Festival will
take place on
25th February 2018
The exhibitor list
will be available
in September