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Our next event is Hugglets Teddies 2015
on Sunday 13th September

Over 10,000 teddy bears and related collectables on sale by 170 exhibitors.

Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals

NEW Photos by our roaming photographers at the Winter BearFest 2015 are now available at the bottom of this page and also on the page here which has additional past pictures.

Hugglets Teddy Bear Festivals are held twice a year at Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, England. There are over 170 stands with thousands of bears on sale.

Free entry tickets for each event can be found at the back of the UK Teddy Bear Guide or can be purchased at the door (£4 adult / £2 child). If you live in the UK and you are a registered user on the Hugglets website you will automatically receive a complimentary programme and entry ticket by post. These are sent approximately 2 weeks before each event.

Entry times are 10.30am to 4.00pm.

To find out more, or to explore hundreds of photos from past Festivals, please check the various links above. Don't miss the tips for visitors - especially if you are planning your first visit.

You can enjoy reading an independent article with pictures by a recent first time visitor here.

You can also enjoy some footage of past Hugglets Festivals made by Mitzi TV and Russia's Channel One TV.

Our next event is Teddies 2015 on Sunday 13th September 2015 - see list of exhibitors in the panel on the right (live links to websites are added approximately 8 weeks before each event). To select exhibitors for a different event, please click below.

Teddies 2015

Teddies 2014

Winter BearFest 2015

Winter BearFest 2014

Note: There is no London congestion charge for cars at weekends.

Pictures from the Hugglets Winter BearFest 2015 

For more pictures from past events please click here

Pyramid of teddy bears

13th September

Exhibitors booked
Please scroll down

(last updated 20th March 2015)

A bear named Jack, 128
A Lanie Bears UK, 75D
ABC - Tedi Bach Hug, 138
Daniel Agnew, 77
Alders Bears, 91
Ale Fischer Design, 18C
Alison's Bears, 82
All Bear by Paula Carter, 75
All You Can Bear, 18B
Ann Made Bears, 134
Apple Pie House, 64
Asquiths Teddy Bear Shop, 67
Baby Talk Bears by Soyo, 103
Barling Bears, 42
Barrel Bears, 98A
Barron Bears, 30
Bear Basics, 16-17
Bear Bits, 84
Bear It In Mind, 95A
The Bear Shop, 77A
The Bear Shop (Totnes), 5
Bearlytherehugs, 131
Bears of Bear Hall, 90
Bears To Collect, 18
Beatrix Bears, 55
Bell Bears, 33
Benson Bears, 54
Beth's Bears, 69
BigFeetBears, 120
Bisson Bears, 73
Blinko Bears, 127
Bourton Bears, 65
Bradgate Bears, 41
Brendan's Bears, 100A
Brewins' Bruins, 43
Britannia Bears, 119
Bumble Bears, 141B
Burlington Bearties, 21
Button Meadow Bears, 28
CarroBears, 99
Caterham Yesterbears, 12A
Chatham Village Bears, 20
Christopher's Chairs, 111A
Christy's Bears, 51
Conradi Creations, 18E
Dari Laut Bears, 97A
Dean's Rag Book Co, 76
Diddy Cottage Bears, 105
Do Do Bears, 143
Dot Bird ... Restoration, 72A
Dreli-Bären, 68
Elena Donat Bears, 83
Elliebears, 9
Essential Bears, 81
Everyn Rose, 57
FenBeary Folk, 116
Flopsey Bears, 102A
Flutter-By Bears, 104
Futch Bears, 27
Liudmila Govorova, 82
Jo Greeno, 87
Gyll's Bears, 102
Leanda Harwood, 12
Haven Bears, 91A
Heirloom Bears, 95
Helberg Bären, 142
Help Empty My Attic, 144-144A
Higgys Bears, 36
Hoblins, 3
House of Bears, 108
Pam Howells, 62
Hugoshouse, 7
Hugs Unlimited, 47
Olya Isaenkova, 103A
Jan's Tiddy Bears, 100
Japan Teddy Bear Co. Ltd, 115
JCW Bears & Furry Friends, 23
Je Suis Lugly!, 94
Jenni Bears, 133
Jo-Anne Bears, 59
Jodie's Bears, 49
Ju-Beary Bears, 107
Julianna Naydina Art..., 18A
K.M. Bears, 141A
Karen Alderson..Design, 39
Katie Rae Bears, 136
Kaycee Bears, 66
Kaysbears, 140
Kaz Bears, 141
Kesseys Bears, 34
Kevinton Bears, 107A
Kingswear Bears & Friends, 19
Christina Langham, 129
Laurie Lou Bears, 101
Lefty Bears, 48
Little Piggies Originals, 130
Mabledon Road Bears, 101A
Maddy's Green Decorations, 1-2
Mary Myrtle Miniatures, 90A
Mawspaws, 137A
Mellisea Creations, 32
Minkitzbären, 80
Mohair Bear..Supplies, 75B-75C
My Apple Tree, 29
Nika Toys, 83
The Old Bear Company, 72
Old Bears in Stow, 121
The Old Post Office Bears, 81A
The Optimists, 114
Louise Peers, 50
Pepper Bears, 118
Pertinax Bears, 61
Les Petits Lutéciens, 74
Phyll's Bears Chairs, 8
Pipaluck Bears, 99A
Pipedream Bears, 11
Pipkins Bears, 71
Pumpkin & Pickle Bears, 103A
Puzzle Bears, 97
Sue Quinn, 10
The Rabbit Maker, 63
Sad Pads, 93
Sally B Gollies, 117
Samantha-jane's Bears, 106
Scruffie Bears.., 126
Joëlle Segonnes, 44
Shantock Bears, 125
Julie Shepherd, 40
Mary Shortle, 45
Shultz Characters, 56
Skye-Rose Bears, 124
Stevi T.'s Alpaca Encounters, 83A
Stine-Teddies, 70
Sue Pearson Bears.., 26
Annalisa Taddei, 75A
Teddies of Trenode, 6
Teddy Bear Bling, 135
Teddy Bears Home, 22
Teddy Bears Picknick, 78
Teddy Station, 132
Teddybear-museum, 139
Teddybuys, 35
Teds from the Tyne, 98
Teeny Bears, 109
Teunbears, 89
The Teddy Parlour, 140A
Thingumy & Co, 137
ThreadTeds, 31
Tickety Boo Bears, 141C
Tillington Bears, 86
Vectis Auctions, 110
Wacky Walker Bears, 4
Frank Webster, 88
Westie Bears, 102B
Whittle-Le-Woods Bears, 85
Wickenden Bears, 38
The Wild Things, 46
Woodland Teddies, 15
YellowBlue, 37