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How to get to Hugglets Festivals

The venue is the Kensington conference and exhibition centre which is part of the Kensington Town Hall complex in Hornton Street, Kensington, London, W8 7NX

There are four halls on three floors and the centre is suitable for disabled access. A snack bar is available to Festival visitors.

We welcome suggestions to help people travel to the Hugglets Festivals so please let us know if you have any tips or suggestions. Coaches and car sharing have been suggested and we'll include more information on this page if it becomes available.

For places to stay please see these great hotel offers

The nearest tube is High Street Kensington

Nearby bus routes are 9, 10, 27, 28, 49, 52, 70, 328, 452, C1

For a map of the bus routes to bring you to Kensington from various parts of London please click here

There is a car park under the venue and the special Sunday rate is £10 for the day (9am to 6pm).

There is no congestion charge at weekends.

Other useful sites:

Bing Map - scaleable map showing location within UK

Transport for London - tube, bus and rail info. Journey planner within London area.

National rail enquiries

RAC route planner - from anywhere in the UK

AA route planner - an alternative to RAC planner

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Thousands of
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25th February

Teddies 2018
takes place on
9th September
The exhibitor list
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