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Advertise in the next UK Teddy Bear Guide

These details for the 2017 edition are being left online for your reference. They will be updated early July 2017 in preparation for the 2018 edition.

You can also download these details with a convenient booking form in pdf format here. Using the booking form is optional - you can simply email your details if it's easier.

The Guide is printed A5 size - 210mm x 148mm (approx 8.25 inches x 5.75 inches)

Shops and Sources for new bears (mainly retail shops)
B. Shops and Sources for old bears (mainly dealers, auction houses and museums)
C. Bear Makers and Artists
D. Teddy Bear Fairs & Organisers
E. Bear Making Supplies & Courses
F. Bear Repairers
G. All Else That's Bruin

Display space: Height - Width B/w Full colour
Quarter page (90mm x 60mm) £95 £145
Half page (90mm x 125mm) £175 £265
Full page (185mm x 125mm) £325 £485
Full page colour can use full 210mm x 148mm page (with bleed 216mm x 154mm).
£1 = approx US$1.35

Bear Gallery: A showcase feature for bear artists to enter a colour photo (printed approx 5cm x 3.5cm) for just £65 or FREE if you are also booking a display advertisement in the Bear Makers & Artists section.

Extras: All prices are subject to VAT for advertisers based inside the UK. There is no VAT added to overseas entries. For specified positions such as right hand page or on same spread as your listing add 10%. Cover positions and special early pages are charged at a premium.

Advertisement preparation can be arranged by Hugglets. The cost will be approx 10% on the above prices (may be extra if more than one photo). A proof of your advert will normally be sent prior to publication for your approval. Please send us a rough layout of your ideas or telephone us if you need to discuss the make-up of your advertisement. Minor amendments to previous adverts prepared by us can be made at little or no cost.

How to provide your artwork: Please email your files to Your advert can be submitted as a complete jpg or tiff image (300dpi) or highest quality pdf. Photos for the Bear Gallery, or for us to use in preparing your advert, should ideally be sent in jpg format.

Listings: Your business name, contact details and up to twenty words of description in any section costs £15. The first listing is free if you are booking a display advertisement. (Gallery entries are not display advertisements). We recommend you take listings in all sections appropriate to your business. To have your listing highlighted in bold add a further £10. The listing format, including description, follows our standard style.

Advertisers will automatically receive a complimentary copy.

Guide Advertising Terms and Conditions

1. The Publishers reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at their sole discretion.
2. The Advertiser shall fully indemnify the Publishers in respect to any claim arising from the advertisement.
3. The Publisher shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to error, late publication or the failure of an advertisement to appear, whatever the reason.
4. Whilst care will be taken of artwork and advertising materials, no liability can be accepted for loss or damage to them.
5. Cancellations must be received by 5th September 2016.
6. Payment period for invoices (normally UK only) is 30 days. Invoices are dated and card payments taken on the day Guides are despatched
7. The Publishers reserve the right to charge interest at 1.5% per month on overdue payments plus reasonable legal and collection charges.
8. Changes to these terms and conditions will apply if stated in writing by the Publishers.

Thousands of
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