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How can my business be included?

Since 1987 the Hugglets Guide has been bringing together businesses and collectors with a strong focus on the UK market. The printed Guide mainly reaches teddy bear collectors in the UK while the free digital versions (online and download) reach collectors all around the world. It is published on October 27th each year.

If you would like to publicise your products to UK collectors and traders then an advert in the Guide is definitely for you!

We try to keep the advertising process as simple as possible - for example we can help with the design of your advert and will send a proof so you can make changes before it is printed. If you find it easiest you can simply email your requirements to and we will reply to confirm and give instructions on how to proceed.

Registered users on our website who have indicated they are a business will be notified automatically whenever we begin work on a new edition.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact us.

The advertising rates can be read on this page of our site.

Information about having an entry can also be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking here.

Worth knowing

• The basic line entry costs £15 but it's free if you also have a display advertisement.

• If you are a bear maker you can include a full colour picture in the Bear Gallery for just £65 and it will also appear on the Hugglets website all year round (Guide Bear Gallery).

• Bear Makers can benefit from a special advertising package - book any size display advert in the Bear Makers and Artists section (starting at £95) and get a Bear Gallery picture entry and a line entry free of charge (worth £80)

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