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Teddy Bear Guide FAQ

(These details for the 2017 edition are being left online for your reference. They will be updated early July 2017 in preparation for the 2018 edition.)

I've previously received a complimentary copy of the UK Teddy Bear Guide - will I also get the next edition?

Over recent years we've used various different criteria to select some UK collectors from our extensive database to receive a complimentary copy.

For the 2017 edition you will need to be a collector living in the UK and match at least one of these criteria by 30th Sept 2016:

• Take up our offer of a complimentary Guide via our claim form on the Hugglets website or Hugglets Facebook page

• Attend a Hugglets Teddy Bear Festival in 2016 (and be sure your contact details were included on the back of the ticket)

Login to your Hugglets website account at least once in 2016 (if you haven't yet registered your free Hugglets website account you can do so here)

• All businesses with an entry in the Guide will automatically receive a complimentary copy.

Our complimentary Guide offer is to UK addresses only, one copy per household, min age 16, first come first served while allocated stocks last.

Nb. If you would like to purchase a copy of the current 2016 Guide they are still available here.

Thousands of
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This Festival will
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25th February 2018
The exhibitor list
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