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Hugglets Marketplace - FAQ

What sort of things should I include in my description when placing an advert?

• Materials description – Fabric, eyes, stuffing (if known) etc.
• Colour – Especially if the photo colour is not accurate
• Features – Fully jointed? Growler or voicebox etc.
• Condition – Mention any notable wear or damage
• Describe any labels/tags/buttons
• Describe any clothing, accessories, box or certificate
• Size from top of head to ground when upright (in cm and/or inches)
• Age – if unsure of the year you'll be asked to select either pre-1980 or 1980-present
• Do you know if this is a rare item? Why does it have special appeal?
• Provenance – any associated stories, history, family photos, memorabilia – as this can increase the interest of buyers.
• Inspiration – if it's a new artist bear – was it inspired by a particular event, experience, idea?

What advice can you give me for photos?

• A head shot is usually best for the main picture.
• Use a plain background
• Make eye contact with the bear (ie. bear looking into camera)
• Only upload clear pictures (not out of focus).
• For small items a coin or recognisable object in the picture will help to demonstrate size.
• If using the additional pictures facility you can add up to three more pictures to show various positions and special features (like tags and labels).
• When you upload photos our system reduces them to the right size for our site. Your file size only needs to be around 200k. Images up to 5mb are accepted but will take longer to upload.

My pictures are too large to upload, what should I do?

Our site currently accepts files up to 5mb but they only need to be around 200k which will save you time because they will be much faster to upload and results in the same quality. You can check the size of your image on a PC by right clicking and selecting Properties. On a Mac you can use Get Info.

If you would like to make your pictures smaller you could use the service at or – free web utilities to resize your large digital photographs so they are ready to upload to the Hugglets website.

A second method is to download and use the free picture resizing programme available at – suitable for windows machines but not macs.

A third quick method, depending on your computer system, is to right click the image and select the option to send it to a mail recipient. This will then give you the option to reduce the size before attaching it to an email. When the draft email appears, save the attachments back to your desktop and delete the draft. The pictures will now be smaller.

There is also the option to skip this step when it comes to uploading your image/s for an advert. Instead you can open your advert on the My Marketplace page of your My Account and upload the picture/s at a later stage.

How much should I charge for my item?

As the site promoter Hugglets doesn't become involved in setting prices but as a general rule we recommend you do some research on what similar items are selling for. If your item is in much better condition or comes with additional accessories you might charge a little more, or you might decide it's best to price a little lower for a quicker sale. Although we don't specify a minimum item value, as a guideline we anticipate that bears listed on our site will generally be valued at £20 or more.

What does the flag represent on Marketplace items?

The flag represents the country where the seller (and usually therefore the item) is located - not necessarily the country where the item was made.

Why do you distinguish between pre-1980 and post 1980?

The reason we chose 1980 is that in our estimation that's when the modern era of making bears for collectors started to take off. Most production until then was focused on the toy market for children.

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