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Hugglets Marketplace - How it works

This page has information for both sellers and buyers. Please scroll down for buyer information.


An advert costs as little as £3 for 60 days, or free if you are a Hugglets Gold member. (For full details of prices and options click Cost).

The Hugglets Marketplace is for collectors, makers and dealers to list their bears for sale for a specified price. It is not an auction site but rather you the advertiser decide in advance what price you would like to sell for. There is no commission to pay when you sell.

Each listing must be for an individual item or a group of items that is being sold as one lot for the advertised price.

You can advertise not only Teddy Bears but Teddy's Friends (rabbits, dogs, cats, gollies and other soft-sculpture creations) and Bear-Related items (teddy bear books, postcards, jewellery, clothes, bear-making kits, fabric etc).

Adverts which are unrelated to the teddy bear collecting hobby are not eligible. 'General' advertisements for shops, fairs, repairs etc are also not eligible – all adverts are for specific items with a stated price.

However, teddy bear fair organisers, repairers and general teddy bear businesses can all be listed free of charge in the Hugglets Online Directory – including a brief description of your products and services.

It's easy to place an advert in the Hugglets Marketplace - just sign-in, click the link to place an advert and you'll be guided through the process to select the options you want. If you are unsure, just use your mouse to hover over the information mark next to each field and it will tell you what to include. (Further guidelines are found in the Marketplace FAQ.) As part of the process you'll be invited to upload one or more photos. At the end you checkout securely with a credit/debit card or Paypal (or you can use an advertising coupon code if you have one - for example if you are a Hugglets Gold subscriber).

As soon as the submission and payment is complete your listing will go live and be seen by visitors on the Hugglets site.

Your advertisement is anonymous to protect your privacy. Our integrated contact system allows viewers to email you without seeing your email address until you reply. Your telephone number will also appear on your advert (unless you deselect this option in your account settings). You are not obliged to list a telephone number but it will increase the rate of response if you do. Contact information is not permitted in the item description or title and we reserve the right to remove any such details. We are considering adding 'web address link' as an additional paid feature in the future.

During the first 48 hours of an advert Hugglets Gold subscribers are given priority Earlybird access to contact you. After 48 hours it is open for all site visitors to respond to your advert .

You control your adverts by going into the 'My Marketplace' page of the My Account section once you've signed in. When your item sells please mark it as sold. You also have the option to delete it but there are advantages to leaving it on the system until it runs out. It draws attention to you as a seller - people will want to call up your other items. It tells people who were keeping an eye on your item that they are too late (they need to be quicker next time!).


Use the keyword search or advanced search to locate the items that interest you. Or use the quick links to call up 'featured' or 'new'. 'Find new' calls up adverts that are in their Earlybird period (placed in the past 48 hours).

When you click on an advertisement you can see the full details of the listing. There are options to contact the seller by email or telephone. You can also print the advert, email it to a friend or save it as a favorite to review again later.

Purchases are not made directly on the Hugglets website – you need to contact the seller directly using our integrated email system or, where available, the telephone number they have provided.

When contacting the seller by email or telephone ask any questions you have before you make your decision to buy.

If you see an item you like but it's a little too expensive it may be worth asking if you can make an offer. If the advert has only recently been placed the seller will probably prefer to wait - but there's no harm in asking!

The Marketplace prices can be viewed in a range of currencies for your convenience but the seller will probably expect to be paid in their own currency.

Check the purchase price and ask how payment can be made - such as paypal, credit or debit card, cash, cheque, postal order, bankers draft etc (in a currency of choice).

Discuss how you would receive the item - remember there will usually be posting costs on top of the stated price unless you can arrange to collect in person or postage is stated to be included. Find out the charge and check that the item is sent by some form of tracked service that has insurance or compensation if lost.

The seller must make sure they retain proof of posting otherwise non-arrival will be their liability (unless for some reason you specifically stated that no insured or tracked service is to be used).

If you are buying from a business there might also be the possibility of a layaway service so the item can be paid in instalments and only posted when the final payment is cleared.

Check whether there is a refund policy. Statutory regulations may vary from country to country.

When you are satisfied with the arrangements exchange full contact details and arrange to make the payment.

Please note that sellers usually won't want to send the item until they have received cleared funds.

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