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Hugglets Marketplace - cost of advertising

There are two advert choices depending on the number of pictures you wish to include. In both cases your advert will appear for 60 days.

Standard - £3. Includes one picture

Hugglets Gold members can place Standard advertisements free of charge - membership costs just £3.95 per month so if you plan to advertise more than one item it is best to become a member. If you choose extra photos (Standard Plus) or to have your adverts featured or highlighted you will only pay for the extras - the standard £3 charge will be deducted from your total.

Standard Plus - £4. Includes up to four pictures of the same item so you can show different angles and 'home in' on special features to show off your item to the best advantage.

Optional extras. If you wish you can also select one or both of the following additional options to help draw extra attention to your advert:

Highlight - add £2 - to draw attention with a coloured box

Featured - add £3. - gives you two further advantages:

1. It appears in rotation in the side bar on most pages of the Hugglets site (not just in search results)

2. Featured adverts appear before others in the search results.

Simply choose the options you want when you submit and pay for your listing. A Standard Plus advert with all the options would cost £9.

Thousands of
teddy bears on
sale in London on
10th September

This Festival will
take place on
25th February 2018
The exhibitor list
will be available
in September