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Hugglets Marketplace Advert

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Sample featured and highlighted advert - SOLD
Hugglets Prince Regent Bear from 1987
Advert type: Business Back to Previous Page
Location: United Kingdom
Telephone: Not provided Printer-friendly version
When produced: 1987 More ads from this seller
Maker: Hugglets Login to save favorites
Pet-free Environment: Unspecified New Search
Smoke-free Environment: Unspecified
Price: £200.00 - SOLD
The FEATURED option means the advert will appear in rotation on most pages of the Hugglets site and not only through searches. The HIGHLIGHTED option provides the red frame to help your advert stand out. This is one of the samples we kept from our Hugglets bears in the 1980s. Not for sale really - we're just using him to show how the adverts work.

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Thousands of
teddy bears on
sale in London on
10th September

This Festival will
take place on
25th February 2018
The exhibitor list
will be available
in September