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Volunteer researchers wanted

We would like to hear from teddy bear lovers who can spare an hour or so per week at home to do some research or testing for the 10,000 Bear Makers Project.

Tasks can be tailored to each volunteer so please get in touch via our contact form and we'll work out together how you can best help.

Ideas for the sorts of things that will help are listed below - but there are no doubt many others. Instructions and guidance will be provided.

Volunteering ideas

  1. Check that all the bears in your collection have their makers recorded in our system. If not please tell us about them. If you find their entry check to see if you think our details are accurate.

  2. If you are a bear maker see if you are listed and that our key data details are correct. Tell us about any improvements we can make.

  3. If you have any old teddy bear magazines (pre-2000 but the older the better) check for the names and details of any bear makers and look them up on the Hugglets website. If you can't find them please tell us. If you do find their entry can the earliest date and other details can be improved with any of the information you have?

  4. If you have any old catalogues or brochures of bear makers from the past, please consider scanning some pages and adding them as posts on the main story page for that maker.

  5. Call up the bear makers from your own country (where you will be more familiar with the current scene) and check each maker to see if you can improve our details. You'll find that many makers are recorded with a production status 'Unknown' which means we don't know if they are still making bears - but you may know that they have closed or are still trading so please tell us as this will help improve the data.

  6. We have done our best to include Japanese and Russian bear makers but we may have the names incorrectly spelt or the wrong way round - so if you are from one of those countries please help us in this way.

  7. We are especially keen to have some Japanese volunteers as we believe there may be two or three hundred more Japanese makers yet to be recorded on our system.

  8. We suspect there are several hundred more German Makers not yet recorded so if you are a collector in Germany please volunteer to help us find them - especially by searching through old German teddy bear magazines and publications.

  9. If you have carried out any original research into a particular historical maker please share some of what you have discovered by adding a post on the main page for that maker. Your post can also include up to 4 pictures and other site users will be able to add comments to your post.

  10. Bear makers have the facility to write their own story which will appear at the top of their main page.

  11. If you have some particularly fine examples of bears in your collection please post a photo on the main page for that maker along with your comments or questions about it.

  12. If you have ever run a teddy bear fair in the past please check back for the list of bear makers who exhibited and send them to us - we will check our records to see if there are any that have so far been unrecorded.

  13. Please give us feedback about whether you can think of technical improvements for the system or have come across any technical difficulties.

  14. Whenever you come across a new bear artist please tell them about the 10,000 Bear Makers Project and encourage them to contact us with their details.

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